Employee Benefit

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly important and care-giving, the welfare and social security role of the company towards its employees, as a complement to government support, is an emerging issue. Employee benefits pay off in terms of tax relief, reputation and talent retention. Corporate welfare appeals to employees and draws people together, showering a positive effect on company performance.

Strategica supports companies in defining their welfare: providing corporate benefits requires knowledge of legal, fiscal and insurance matters and, if the company has offices abroad, experience in multinational programmes.


It is a delicate area that calls for refined competencies. Strategica recommends a process that starts with the analysis of current employee benefit schemes, exploring the legal, insurance and tax aspects. We excel at customising our work and insurance offer to each individual situation. In the health field, services are rendered through confidential, extensive and top-quality assistance platforms and networks. Once the offer has been defined, Strategica continues to support the company in the technical-administrative activity and in managing any claims.