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Strategica Group incorporates four distinct companies, whose synergy makes it possible to provide services and products which are customized and bring high added value. 


Risk management is one of the instruments which management should use to deepen their knowledge in the potential vulnerabilities of their business and utilize it to strengthen the company’s foundation while seizing new opportunities.  

Strategica risk consulting is working to make companies more aware of the risks in which they operate and helps them define the best control and mitigation strategies: the principal scope is to minimize the negative risk effects, at a minimal cost.  

Favoring the collaboration, communication and integration across diverse company functions, Strategica supports the diffusion of true risk culture at all company levels, based on the awareness of the importance of all behaviors: from the single, personal behavior, to the achievement of shared company goals.


A truly effective insurance coverage must meet the clients specific needs and the results of the in-depth analysis and risk exposure assessment. Strategica Insurance Managements’ role is to contribute to realizing the tailor-made insurance coverages, with correct costs and benefits equilibrium. Acting in an integrated way with the Risk Management process, the use of insurance does not represent a starting point for Strategica, but it is the logical conclusion of the overall process of “Risk Management”.  

The operative philosophy is based on technical and operative support, allowing the company to interact directly with the international insurance and reinsurance markets, in this way allowing the development of direct relationships with the highest managerial levels of the referenced insurance companies.  

Strategica Insurance Management guarantees total transparency of the remuneration mechanisms deriving from our intermediation activities, avoiding any form of conflict of interest.


The company in Strategica Group which is specialized in the segment of travel, both business and pleasure. It supports sector operators such as travel agencies, in activities like analysis of the optimization margins of their insurance strategies when it comes to: 

  • Combining insurance services with touristic packages and services;  

  • Studying insurance products best suited to the specific need of the final customers;  

  • Searching for the best conditions offered by specialized international insurance markets;  

  • Claims management  

  • Analyzing and studying different marketing and communication activities aimed at the distribution of insurance products.  


Vaance, the digital soul of Strategica Group, is an insurance intermediary operating as a wholesaler by using advanced and innovative technologies to provide a multi-channel, multi-productive and multi-company distribution, able to optimize the operative processes of the insured business.    

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