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Insurance management

To adequately protect a company, you must first get to know it.

A truly efficient insurance coverage must meet the specific needs of the company and the results of an in-depth analysis and assessments of the risks it is exposed to. Therefore, it is essential for the intermediary to have a profound knowledge of both the company and the insurance market, and make the right match.

The role of Strategica Insurance Management is to contribute to the creation of truly tailor-made insurance coverage with the right costs-benefits balance.

The modern broker
has an international dimension,
knows how to liaise with interlocutors,
collaborate with them, create a dialogue
and make the relationship grow.


In a market characterized by a predominantly price-based commercial approach to insurance, we believe that the intermediary's task is to adopt a technical approach, in order to ensure the drafting of optimal insurance plans. In turn favouring a dialogue between the customer and the insurance company on the basis of reliable and transparent data.
Our Insurance Management team supports the customer with the goal of generating a degree of awareness and involvement in the process of risk insurance protection. We support the company's resources and encourage the growth of their skills to better share every step, namely risk coverage choices, daily operations, and the management of claims.

The risk transfer process is an integral part of Risk Management. Based on such grounds, our Insurance Management and Risk Consulting Departments are closely knitted.
Our professionals have different and complementary seniorities and specializations. By way of non-limiting examples: take charge of the results of risk analyses, study the insurance contracts stipulated by the customer, define the guidelines of the new insurance plans against their knowledge of the international solutions available, place the risks with the best insurance companies selected on the basis of their specific specializations and ability to provide coverage under the most favourable technical/economic conditions.
Our operating Procedures are based on the extreme customization of the relationship and related solutions. The customer knows the entire team in charge and the scope of action is agreed jointly. It is an ongoing collaboration. Our professionals will provide support in all stages of the insurance management process, from the development of the hedging plan to the placement of risks on the markets up to the issuance and administrative management of the insurance policies.



A feature that distinguishes us from traditional brokers is our technical view of risk.

We have a different way of insuring, based on real coverage needs, providing underwriters with all useful elements and sophisticated reports to better understand the risk profile they are facing, in order to offer calibrated, balanced coverage at the right cost.

We work with all major international insurance markets, with which we interface at the highest managerial levels and where we enjoy great esteem and accreditation. We can consequently provide tailor-made solutions also thanks to the technicality of our approach which enables underwriters to carefully assess the risks they are insuring.

For Strategica, the relationship between its customers and the insurance markets must be based on concepts of maximum transparency, knowledge and sharing of the adopted solutions, thus favouring stable and synergistic relationships.

Strategica Insurance Management guarantees total transparency of the remuneration mechanisms linked to its brokerage activities, thus avoiding any form of conflict of interest.