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Risk consulting

Nobody knows their business better than those who run it, but there are techniques and analysis models that help get to know it better.

Risk management is one of the tools for company management to learn more about potential vulnerabilities of its business and remedy them by strengthening the foundations of the company.

Strategica Risk Consulting works to make its customers more aware of the risk environment in which they operate thus helping them define the best control and mitigation strategies. The main aim of our action is to minimise the negative effects of risk at minimum cost, through its Identification, Measurement and Control.

We work to identify
possible areas of weakness
and create order in the complexity
of risk.



Risk is part of the life of a company’s business and knowing how to manage it allows us to plan more effective growth strategies. For this reason, an adequate risk management process must be part of the tools of the company's top management.

The structure of Strategica Risk Consulting works to spread the culture of risk and make it grow in the organizations. With this goal in mind, we support managers, providing our expertise and making our skills available for risk analysis, for the construction and consolidation of a risk management function and the professional growth of the persons in charge.

We operate as a management consultancy company, providing our customers with a team of specialised professionals who work to support the top management with vertical skills in individual industries, both in Italy and worldwide.

We deal with Risk Management activities full circle, through the development of a process that minimises the overall cost of risk management, through a proper balance between the actions of risk prevention, retention and transfer.



Strategica Risk Consulting is based on the belief that each company is a unique reality and needs to be followed in a dedicated and thorough manner..

Our field of activity is mainly aimed at:

  • risk analysis using advanced and innovative methodologies, through which the characteristics and criticalities of risks are defined in an exhaustive manner, from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view;
  • design of overall risk financing strategies, with definition of extremely accurate and efficient risk retention (self-financing) and transfer (insurance) plans;
  • development of sophisticated reporting models and tools to support the Board in defining relevant risk management strategies;
  • definition of more adequate and efficient organisational models for risk and insurance management plans within the company.

The work methodology is based on the concept of continuous monitoring and improvement, involving a cycle of stages repeated over time:


Strategica follows the constant updating of Risk Financing policies and the monitoring of all the essential elements for the decisions that the company management must evaluate, from time to time, also in relation to the evolving dynamics of the company.

One of the goals of Strategica Risk Consulting is to promote a risk culture in the company. Each step is shared among the working groups of which management is a part, thus being useful for an ongoing assessment and cultivation of knowledge concerning risk and insurance.

With a perspective logic, we support the Board in identifying the actions to be undertaken and we integrate the skills of key figures to enable them to implement such actions.