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Macroscenarios and challenges for business lines in the Sonar 2022 report

Crypto assets, consequences of climate change, quantum computing: these are some of the emerging risks brought to light by the latest Swiss Re Sonar report, now in its tenth edition. The study analyzes the macro-trends of the near future and identifies the greatest risks by insurance business line.

Generally, the scenarios are driven by mass migration, increasing social disparities and changes in the world of work (demographic and social risks), macroeconomic fragility, geopolitical instability, rising inflation and the need to rethink infrastructure (political and economic risks), transition to a low-carbon economy, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, disruptive digitalization and artificial intelligence (natural and technological factors), disruption of the value chain, new partnerships, new business models and increased digital interactions with consumers (competitive and business factors).

Emerging risks by business lines

PROPERTY: the main challenge stems from the consequences of thawing permafrost, which leads to an acceleration of risks to climate, infrastructure and health

Casualty: legal issues related to new technologies, in particular the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Assets.

Operations e Regulatory: quantum computing seen as a threat rather than an opportunity.

Life & Health: Declining confidence in public health and medical science.
Financial Market: construction challenges related to shortages of raw materials and rising prices.