The Italian accommodation system plays a leading role on the international scene: as to the number of hotel rooms, Italy ranks first in Europe and third globally, with over 200 million foreign visitors, equal to approximately 50% of total demand, with still high growth margins.

This is an ever-growing and fast-evolving sector, driven by radical changes that are dramatically affecting its business model:


  • innovation of marketing activities and booking processes, increasingly influenced by large aggregators (Online Travel Agents and Metasearch)

  • increasingly international customers

  • development of aggregation processes and growing affiliation to large chains, still marginally present in Italy

  • re-engineering of operational and organisational models, capable of guaranteeing international offer standards

  • increasingly complex and sophisticated tourist and service demand, not limited to mere accommodation


The development of the hotel business requires ever specialised competencies and significant investment skills, where financial players (private equity funds, institutional investors) are overriding individual private investors.


The accommodation system is proving to be highly strategic also due to its ability to attract capital, mostly international, intended for the renovation and exploitation of existing buildings, converting and regenerating properties, replacing other less profitable assets.


Similarly, real estate property is being separated from hotel management, in order to pursue an asset-light strategy that enables the achievement of better economic and profitability results, whilst making the real estate market more dynamic. Also in this area we are witnessing the development of funds aimed solely at hotel management.

In this context, the hotel sector is at the same time exposed to composite and complex risks, from international civil liability, to business continuity and cyber, reputational and property risks, for which Strategica offers highly effective and ground-breaking management and control solutions.


Strategica, through its Hospitality Division, made up of professionals with specific know-how, offers specialised assistance to a particularly high number of customers representing individual facilities and hotel chains, to whom it renders a wide range of high value-added services both in terms of risk analysis and management of insurance programmes at the local and international level.