Cyber risk

Digitisation has become a business tool, necessary to retaining the competitive advantage and supporting the company’s growth. Cyber risk is pervasive, in that it affects all functions and does not only concern the IT sector. The areas of risk include external attacks (for the purpose of extortion, deliberate damage or espionage) but also involuntary inattentions of employees and operational risks relating to technological aspects.

This is a complex risk, which has an impact on all corporate activities and is constantly and rapidly evolving. In addition to damage from business discontinuity, there is also the damage caused by the loss of information, as well as the risks associated with data management and security, subsequent to which companies can suffer serious legal and reputational consequences.


Strategica has accrued significant technological and regulatory skills in this area. Its specialised teams support all corporate functions in a process aimed at mitigating risks and implementing the most suitable insurance coverage.


The first goal is the definition of an optimisation plan for all of the company’s technological systems and processes. The next is the set-up of risk prevention, protection and transfer activities. Strategica’s experience is paramount in representing the risk in the manner expected by insurers, in order to obtain coverage in line with the needs of the company and at a cost consistent with its real risk level.