Credit insurance is a business support tool through which companies, from SMEs to multinational corporations, can effectively mitigate their financial risk. The advantages lie in the protection of the cash flow and company budget, support to Credit Management, access to better financing conditions and guarantees, portfolio monitoring.

Due to globalisation, credit risk is very complex and is affected by the international presence of companies and the volatility of world financial markets.


Strategica helps businesses – irrespective of their size – to investigate their default risk and assess their credit risk. In order to do this, Strategica uses a methodology developed by its experts, which includes tools for evaluating the solvency of the individual customer and defining the correct benchmarks between risk retention and transfer.


Strategica’s strength lies in its direct line with the leading credit insurance companies, thanks to which it can offer tailor-made solutions by business sector and volumes handled, customising the insurance policy on the basis of the company’s specific risks.