The manufacturing industry is characterised today by complex production, supply and distribution processes, which are being entirely re-engineered compared to the past. Greater efficiency for businesses is possible thanks to automation and global supply chains.

The sector is exposed to the characteristic risks of damage to machinery, systems or digital tools, and at the same time to the dependence on a multi-pronged supplier network which amplifies the threat of business discontinuity. The risks of the chain being interrupted have many potential causes, starting with catastrophic events involving the factories: the wider the supply chain, the higher the risk. Social tensions and political and regulatory decisions in the different countries in which the company operates have an impact. Internationalisation has also increased the exposure of companies to the civil liability risk, while growing automation improves productivity but exposes the company even more to cyber and technological risks.


Thanks to its team of management engineers and financial analysts, Strategica works to assess the impact the different types of risks can have on the company’s contribution margin. The team also hires people with experience in the creation of insurance programmes which ensure the protection of the company at an international level.